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Ezekiel’s Temple

The Third Temple, which has never been built!


Daniel’s vision:

Seventy weeks have been decreed upon your people and your holy city to terminate transgression, to end sin, to wipe away iniquity, to bring everlasting righteousness, to seal vision and prophet, and to anoint the Holy of Holies.

Daniel 9:23-24

“to bring everlasting righteousness. ~ It will usher in the epoch of the messianic king.

And to seal vision and prophet ~ To fulfill the promised prophecy.

And to anoint the Holy of Holies. ~ The expression refers specifically to the chamber containing the Ark with the tablets of the Law. The Ark was not present in the Second Temple. The Holy Ark, the altars, and the holy vessels will be revealed through the messianic king.

This refers to the Third Temple, which, in contradistinction to the Second Temple, will be anointed. The Sages (Yoma 21b) tell us that the Second Temple, which had not been anointed (see Tosefta Sotah 13:2) lacked five things, among them Shechinah, the evident Presence (as it were) of God. But the Third Temple will be anointed, therefore, in comparison to the second, it will be a holy of the holies (Malbim).”

The ArtScroll Tanach Series, Book of Daniel page 261 Published by Mesorah Publications, Ltd.